Student Support Services

At Australian Institute of English Language (AIEL) we have a range of student support services to make our students time with us a great experience!

Everyone’s journey is different, and sometimes you need some extra support. At AIEL, we’re here to help. Our student support services are available for all of our students, making your learning experience just that little bit easier.

AIEL’s campus has a comprehensive student services team that provides a variety of services to take care of the students’ different needs outside of the classroom.

We want our students to succeed! We want students and every other AIEL student to succeed. We make sure this is a reality by providing you with a friendly environment that will make it near impossible not to make it to the other side. It doesn’t matter whether you attend classes on campus or receive training in a community setting off campus; we will still provide you with the same high level support.

You will also have access to practical skills training and a network of services including advice on:

  • Study skills and planning
  • Group tuition
  • Support with personal and family concerns
  • Airport Transfer

AIEL makes sure that students are welcomed on arrival:

  • 7 day, 24 hour service
  • 24 hr emergency number in case of flight changes

Please note that for arrivals after 10pm, students may be required to go into temporary accommodation for the first night at their own cost.


AIEL offers students a choice of quality accommodation options in a safe and relaxed environment. In the case of homestay the accommodations officers ensure each student is matched with an appropriate family and are available to help students to adapt to their new life in Australia.

Homestay Options
In all homestays, students have their own room with a desk, chair, wardrobe and comfortable bed. With easy access to public transportation, and are usually within 20-30 minutes traveling time to AIEL Campus.

Student Houses
AIEL can also arrange shared student house accommodation. These houses are professionally managed with single or share rooms and are self-catering where students can use the shared kitchen, to prepare meals. Students also share a bathroom and lounge room with other students.


Orientation provides all students with a comprehensive introduction to the college. You will receive a welcome pack which contains information about your course and studying at AIEL. It is compulsory that you attend orientation as students are provided with important information at these sessions.

Orientation activities include:

  • Campus Tour
  • Emergency Exit
  • Student Services
  • Counselling Services
  • Computer Lab
  • Student Card
  • Attendance/Leave of Absence / Deferment / Suspension / Cancellation Policy
  • Fees and Charges Policy and Procedure
  • Refund Policy and Procedure
  • Training and Assessment Policy and Procedure
  • Complaints and Appeals Policy and Procedure


At AIEL, students are encouraged to be part of their local community and have the opportunity to contribute by taking part in AIEL volunteering program. Volunteering will help students gain life experience, learn new skills and knowledge, develop new interests, expand their work portfolio and make a meaningful impact on society!

Language Lounge

AIEL offers our students free conversation and pronunciation classes which are designed to improve speaking skills in a fun environment. These classes focus on natural conversations, native pronunciation, and music in English. Students can join any of the classes that are held weekly.

Job Help

The Job Club program service is designed by AIEL to help students on Working Holiday or Student Visas to find paid work in Australia.

As part of our activities program, we hold regular Job Club Seminars after studying hours to give useful and practical information to students about finding casual or part-time work.

Our student services team assists students in:

  • Presenting their skills to employers
  • Obtaining the necessary documents and courses to work in Australia
  • Access to ways to find jobs opportunity


AIEL’s Internship programs are a great opportunity for students to gain practical work experience and to help improve their career opportunities. This program will also help students to increase the value of their studies by using their new skills in a workplace environment.

The internship programs suit students on a working holiday visa who want to begin their Australian experience by improving their skills and gaining their first workplace experience in Australia.

Work Opportunities

Working during or after study is one of the reasons why Australia is a popular destination for International students. AIEL offers students professional support through our sister organisation JobLink International, Australia’s leading recruitment organisation to help them to find jobs depending on their visa conditions. AIEL also offers options for internships and volunteer work.